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Frequently asked questions

How do you manage data security?

Data Security is very important and top most priority in RuleHR. We have taken several measures to protect your critical and sensitive HR data.

Do you have SSL security?

RuleHR uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect information transferred between a client computer and RuleHR Servers.

How about your application architecture?

RuleHR has been designed the Application Architecture with high security. We have applied the very best practices in web application security to prevent all critical vulnerabilities and external attacks.

How about your data encryption?

All sensitive information in RuleHR is encrypted in the database using the strongest encryption algorithms.

How do you manage data backups?

RuleHR servers are backed up frequently to a completely different geographical location.

Do I need to download anything ?

RuleHR is a web-based application. You only need a modern browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and an active Internet connection.

What subscription plan is best for my organization ?

Based on the size of your company, there are different plans available. Company with a size of not more than 30 employees should opt for Silver plan, upto 100 employees should choose our Gold plan. We also have various subscription plans for companies with more than 100 employees. Please contact us if you wish to subscribe a plan for more than 100 employees.

What is the cost of subscription Plan and validity of these plans ?

We offer very low prices to our customers with excellent support facilities. Silver Plan cost only $19.90/month, Gold Plan cost only $79.90/month.

What if I want to first try the services for free ?

You can opt for a Free subscription plan and start using our services for up to 10 employees. Once satisfied with our services, you can opt for any subscription plan to upgrade the number of employees and other benefits.

Are there any cancellation fees?

RuleHR is a monthly subscription service. You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your plan at any time. When you cancel, we'll automatically close your account and permanently delete all of your data.

Any other hidden charges I should be aware of?

No Hidden charges. In case of any customisation specific to your company requirement charges will apply and you will be informed well in advance.